Let the Breeze Blow In – The Front Porch

September 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

Lure buyers from the curb with an inviting front porch.
One real estate agent added bamboo flooring and a ceiling fan to the porch. “It looks like indoor living space but it’s a porch.” The home sold the first weekend it was listed — and for more than the asking price. The potential buyers knew they were buying it before they even saw the inside

For another listing she again played up the porch. Staging the 6-foot-wide farmer’s porch, which ran the span of the house, with quality furnishings enticed potential buyers to check out the home.

People want a front porch for that extra living space. There is a renewed interest in having a front porch  and pedestrian-friendly communities, the kind of blocks where you chat with neighbors. A row of front porches encourages those casual conversations.

Today’s ideal-sized porch is one where you can comfortably sit in a rocking chair. Dimensions matter. Modest-size streets and small lot sizes are ideal so people can stroll to each house .

Porches are considered an asset.  About 40 years ago home owners spent more time in their back yards, and upgraded those areas with intensity, in part to create a private space away from the street and surrounding houses. All the social space was in the back yard. Now there’s a shift  where front porches are added offering not only curb appeal but an extra space to congregate.There is a trend for more and more front-porch designs in new-home construction projects.

There’s a desire to bring the indoors outside (with comfy furnishings) and let the cool breezes from outdoors waft inside.


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