Create the Perfect Mudroom

November 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

A mudroom is a terrific room to have in your home especially as the wet winter months approach.
This room serves as a barrier between the outside yard and the rest of the home. 

This room may be used to:

– Shed wet clothing and shoes so that they don’t ruin the rest of the house.
– Store umbrellas and other items that are intended for outdoor use only.
– Maintain organization of items that children need every time they walk out the door (such as backpacks).
– Provide a space for pets that are wet or dirty when they come in from the outside.
– Add additional storage space and even additional living space to your home.

The perfect mudroom is designed to be neat and clean in terms of organization.

However, it’s intended to get messy so it’s set up with durable furniture and easy-to-wipe floors and counters.

A mudroom needs to have a floor that is simple to clean. Tile, concrete and linoleum are top choices for mudroom floors.

Cubby storage is also important in a mudroom. This is a great place to store dirty shoes so they don’t track mud through the house. It’s also a good place to store toys that are meant to go outdoors.


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