Attic Conversions

November 14, 2010 § 1 Comment

If you need extra space in your home and don’t want to add a new addition, consider converting your attic. Recently ranking number two for the highest return on a home renovation investment, this conversion is worth it. 

Often the room with the best view, and tucked away from the main noise and activity in the home, an attic space is ideal for adding a guest room, home office, and even a baby’s room. Because it isn’t in the main flow, an attic addition can make for very fun renovations.

Adding a new room on a house can be almost as much work as building a new home from scratch, attic conversions provide a new space within your existing space. 

With great lighting and an open space, this attic easily became a lounge area with a great view

An additional bedroom and even a guest room make better use of that space that previously held old records and roller skates.
Think outside of this attic box and, if nothing else, consider adding a completely indulgent space like this spa bath.

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